FAST MONEY THE MOVIE  from laurita wilson

FAST MONEY THE MOVIE from laurita wilson

Year: 2018
Post: Admin
0 seconds 720 shot,edit and directed by j.cleaves in 2010 my first movie but its about three friends that choose to rob the neighbor hood drug dealer to make some fast money..the link below is the New movie that we have coming out called Turbulence and Love watch this trailer to see what its about Fast Money was my first movie and was unscripted and was free styled. We have bigger and better things coming soon thanks for the views. Contact Jessie Cleaves facebook Jessie Cleaves or 9014441341. Laurita Wilson facebook Rita cleaves Trillanduncut or 9017868695 Subscribe this Channel.. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Shuntez_Lamar38.. Add me on Facebook "Shuntez Smith" For booking or if you're trying to get a video shot, email me at Comments:
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